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We hope you find this website informative and easy to use. Phytoforce Veterinary Herbal Tonics are developed and produced by Ray O’Mahony MVB MRCVS CVH, a veterinary surgeon and specialist in veterinary herbal medicine. Each unique formula has been carefully crafted and is based on years of experience treating animals in veterinary surgeries throughout the UK and Ireland. The finest UK grown, medical grade herbs go into our products, and these are still hand blended in our clinic so you can be sure of the purest, freshest and most effective herbal medicine available for your companions.

If this is your first visit to our site please take a little time to look around.  The site is packed with information on using herbs for dogs and using herbs for horses. You will find a brief history of veterinary herbal medicine and some interesting facts on animal self medication. There are links to herbal medicine associations and other useful resources including a list of herbal and holistic vets in the UK and Ireland. If you are interested in learning more about veterinary herbal medicine Ray teaches on courses for both vets and  the public in Oxford, UK. For more information on Ray and to see around the clinic visit www.atlanticvets.ie

We are aware of the growing concerns regarding online security and for that reason we have choosen PAYPAL as the sole shopping interface. You dont need a PAYPAL account to use this facility. Once you select a product you will be directed to PAYPALs secure server where the rest of the transaction takes place. PAYPAL then inform us of your name, address and email address along with the product(s) you have purchased. If you prefer just give us a call on ++353667185794 Mon-Fri 9.30-6.00 (GMT) and we will process your order immediately over the phone.

Unfortunately if you live in the Republic of Ireland the only product we can send out without seeing or discussing your animals requirements is SR1-PRO. This is due to the Irish Medicines Boards definition of what is and is not a veterinary medicine. This only applies to residents of the Republic and we would encourage you to give us a call if you feel herbs would be of benefit to your animal.

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