Phytoforce Veterinary Herbal Tonics

Our products are broadly divided into a consumer range, with tonics for dogs and horses, and a veterinary range. These are both produced to the same exacting standards with the highest quality medical grade herbs available. To learn more about our tonics and how they are formulated see the ‘about our tonics’ page

The veterinary range is only available through veterinary clinics because the Tonics are designed for use in situations of clinical disease, times when your animal should be under the supervision of a vet. We are always available for email advice and on the phone from 9.30am -5.30pm Mon-Fri (GMT).

If you have any serious concerns for your animals health or wellbeing you should of course contact your own vet in the first instance, as he or she will be familiar with your pets history and be in the best position to offer a diagnosis. Please understand that we cannot offer a diagnosis over the phone as to do so would be highly irresponsible but we will gladly discuss appropriate herbal treatment for any case where a veterinary diagnosis has already been achieved.

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