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The veterinary range represents the most advanced phytotherapy solutions available for your patients. Designed with the progressive veterinary surgeon in mind, allowing you to meet the growing demand for effective natural alternatives to many of todays most frustrating clinical conditions.

Each product has been developed with safety and ease of use in mind so that even with no prior knowledge of herbal medicine clinicians can confidently prescribe them. The individual tonics are designed to be used alone but can be safely incorporated into current veterinary drug treatment regimnes. All herb-herb and herb-drug interactions have been considered and any potential issues are highlighted below. We provide a telephone support service for vets using the products and a vet only area with frequently asked questions and further discussion on herbal medicine and how best to incorporate it into a busy modern practice.

For details of your nearest veterinary stockist or if you are having difficulty in sourcing any of these products please call ++353667185794 or email info@phytoforce.ie

herbs for dogs, holisitic vets, herbs for liver disease



This multi action liver tonic supports healthy liver function and promotes bile production and flow. Essential support for whenever hepatic compromise is a risk.

herbs for dogs, holisitc vets, herbs for kidney disease











Renalace is designed specifically to support kidney function on a number of levels. This complex formulation promotes renal blood flow while potent kidney specific antioxidants provide further protection.

herbs for dogs, holistic vets, dogs IBD, colitis, diarrhoea


total gut health formula

The synergism of this tonic supports normal movement, function and microflora throughout the digestive tract.  its multivalent construction make it suitable for use in all chronic intestinal situations including stress related conditions.

herbs for dogs, holisitic vets, herbs for atopy, alergic skin disease, pyoderma









Dermatopic W/V 
Healthy skin from within, herbal support for damp itchy skin.

Carefully formulated with herbs that have a drying and slightly astringent effect this tonic is specifically designed for dogs where damp oozing or purulent lesions are present on the skin

herbs for dogs, holisitic vets, herbs for atopy, allergic skin disease, pyoderma


Dermatopic D/V
Healthy skin from within, herbal support for dry itchy skin

This tonic with cooling lymphatic herbs helps improve elimination through other organs thereby reducing the toxin load on the skin while gently normalising immune function. Moisturising and healing it is designed specifically for dogs with hot, dry and very itchy skin.

herbs for dogs, holisitic vets, herbs for cushings disease, canine cushings









Whole system support

Chronic corticosteroid use leads to many degenerative changes within the body and brain. This innovative formula provides profound support to the immune system, liver, adrenals and central nervous system during long term corticosteroid administration.

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