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Phytoforce Veterinary Herbal Tonics were conceived and developed by Ray O’Mahony MVB, MRCVS,CVH. 
Ray is a veterinary surgeon with a special interest in herbal medicine. Early in his career Ray realised that
although conventional medicine was effective for acute conditions it was hopelessly inadequate when dealing
with chronic, or long term illness. This is partly due to to the complexity of many of these chronic conditions and the multi level interactions between different body systems such as immune, endocrine, digestive and central nervous systems that we are only just beginning to realise, nevermind understand.

Searching for more appropriate solutions to many of the frustrating conditions encountered every day in veterinary practice Ray came upon Herbal Medicine. The possibilities it offered for imporving veterinary care of chronic disease were immediately obvious. Here was a system of medicine thousands of years old, using incredibly complex herbs, with a massive body of evidence behind it. The range of actions of individual herbs, let alone herbal forumlas introduced Ray to entirely new ways of looking at and treating disease. The significant improvements he experienced, treating a whole range of chronic degenerative or inflammatory conditions, led to the development of Phytoforce Veterinary Herbal Tonics.

The tonics are based on formulas developed and still used every day in Rays clinic. The clinic offers a herbal medicine first opinion and referral service integrated within a fully equipped modern practice treating horses and small animals. Herbs are used alone or in conjunction with veterinary drugs where appropriate. When incorporated into drug regimens we find that herbs often improve the individuals response to medication and help to reduce side effects. Most of the chronic inflammatory conditions such as allergic skin disease, gastritis, colitis and IBD, liver, kidney, allergic and  inflammatory airway disease are all treated with herbs alone.
Outside of his practice Ray lectures and is one of the founding members and past president of the British Association of Veterinary Herbalists

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