Hi I just want to tell you about my 2 Shih tzus, Benji & Molly they are 5years old and both suffered badly with itching, biting and licking their body and paws, sometimes drawing blood, it not only drove them mad it also drove us mad. I mention to the owner of my pet health shop that I was about to take them to the vets for steroids and she asked me to try Super Skin Tonic, I hesitated for a while as it did appear a bit expensive (I’m a OAP) but let me assure you it is worth every penny and lasts a long time. Benji and Molly are different dogs now, the itching has stopped but they do still lick their paws sometimes but I honestly think that is now a habit. I did get intouch with Ray O’mahony for advice on the best way to administer the tonic to very fussy eaters, he answered me by return and has took a interest in how I’m getting on regularly, I give 5 stars for the tonic and the service I have got from Ray thank you very much.

Barbara Houghton.

I first used Relax for my staffie after meeting you at crufts and having a chat about my dog and his anxiety. He improved quite a bit in the show ring and wasn’t as anxious as previously. I then stopped using your product for a while hoping he would gain confidence as he left the junior stage of competition but unfortunately he reverted back to his puppy nervousness so I put him back on your Relax product and he has greatly improved again so many thanks


Hi there
We’ve used Phytoforce Super Skin on our SCWT Boo recently and have noticed a great improvement in her skin condition. We haven’t got to the point of further vet investigation as the Super Skin is definitely reducing her desire to scratch and bite herself.
We just splash it over her food and away she goes. Her coat is is better condition and the noticable redness has gone from her tummy. …

Tracey Hammond.

We met at Crufts on the last day of the event and you were a great help when I told you about my two shih tzus. Especially around the diet for Gonzo as he had really bad dander on his ears and head. You suggested that I try your Super Skin and a change of diet.

I have to say that Gonzo’s skin is much improved! There is still a little dander but not nearly as much

Many thanks

Dorothy Davis.

Hi Ray

I started off with the respond and to be honest there was only a minor difference in her behaviour, so taking your advice I changed her onto Relax. She has now been taking it for nearly 3 weeks and I am amazed at the difference. She is by no means perfect, but her behaviour is more manageable and so I am able to work on it with her. In the past she has always had a barking, lunging fit when she has seen an approaching dog, now there is less of a fuss and we can stride past. At the weekend I took her to an agility show and she actually stood in the queue for a while! Another change is that she has frozen on a couple of occasions rather than reacted by lunging and barking. This has made me realise how much stress there is behind her behaviour. We have a long way to go before she is comfortable with unknown dogs, but I am sure we will get there with the help of Relax and a small step desensitisation programme.

I can’t thank you enough for this product. It has been recommended to all my friends with reactive dogs.

Kind regards


Just a quick few lines to let you know how we are getting on with the Superskin Tonic.  It has made a difference to both our dogs but I am having difficulty getting the twice daily dose into them as they only have one wet meal a day and chicken wings for breakfast, so I think the action of the tonic does not quite last 24 hours.  I will keep trying to bribe them into a little something nice in the morning but so far I am having no luck, they eat it quite happily in their raw mince in the evening!!!!! Very strange girls!!!  Anyway keep up the good work our dogs are a lot less itchy and I will be ordering more in the near future.


As promised, a quick note to let you know how Harry is getting on with “Respond“. He has been on it now for a couple of weeks and we have seen a change in him in that he is generally calmer and his attention seems to have improved. But there are odd days when it all seems to go out of the window. Having said that, he is so much easier to calm down after an episode. He has also met a number of dogs at close quarters and has behaved very well at the time. So all in all we think the product is helping him although several days ago we increased the dose from 3 to 4 pumps twice a day (he is a big and very muscular dog of 45kgs).

He is of course also getting a lot of training on a daily basis and this must also be having a complimentary effect but one thing can be said with absolute certainty is that Harry has developed very quickly over recent weeks. He has met a large number of dogs, literally face to face, without the slightest problem. This covers dogs from chihuahua size to long coat shepherds, from 5 months old to “older” animals. He has had a couple of confrontations, one with a dog that attacked him a few months ago (and even then he didn’t provoke the upset) and one yesterday when a collie launched off at him as soon as it saw him (but the owner did say that it wasn’t very good while on the lead and then managed his dog very well to minimise the problem). Things like this will always happen so we are not worried by this, but his own behaviour has improved hugely.

Harry is a big and good natured dog who is increasingly learning to get along with other dogs in a calm fashion. Even then he can get a little excitable at times and not all dogs are happy with this of course. A few dogs have “grumbled” at him to let him know that he has got a little too close. His reaction on every occasion has been to quietly and calmly take one step back, no more or less. His play with Ghillie is much calmer and so is lasting much longer. Ghillie is also provoking play more often than he did. Ghillie is also a happier dog now that the whirlwind has calmed somewhat and it is really pleasing to see them enjoying each others company.

Take care

David and Wendy

Dear Ray,

I spoke with you at Cruft’s in March and knew straight away I would be trying Phytoforce tonics as I love going the natural way.My first compliment is to delivery, I do not remember ever receiving anything so quickly! It took me a couple of weeks to be able to purchase the Mobility Phytoforce and it is just now the end of April, but I believe I am beginning to see some benefit.

I started Becca on this because she is starting to shows SOME signs of possible Arthritis in her hips and since she has only been on it a few weeks, I cannot give 100% praise yet, but suffice it to say, I have not been dosing her with Metacam which is what I wanted to get her off of! I am already planning to purchase some other tonics as well, as she is my Assistance Dog and I want her to have the very best of everything!

Nina Burgess and Becca

Hi Ray

 Had a re-check appointment at Vets today, Milo was turned round on the table and she examined his ‘bad’ ear and said oh dear even his good ear is a little messy.  When I pointed out that this was his ‘bad’ ear, she was amazed.  A few weeks ago the ear was a mess with ulceration and a lot of black gunge which I think I mentioned in earlier mails.  She cleaned his ear thoroughly and like me when I clean his ear found his ear to have a ‘wettish’ discharge.  Because she went a little deep and there was a little blood she said to use Otomax for a couple of days.  His good ear continues to be perfect, and long may that continue.

 I feel so pleased and really feel that it is your herbs that are making the difference to his ear problem.   We have already discussed that it will be a battle, but hope now, and I really do feel more positive, that we can avoid surgerywhich a few weeks ago looked like the only option left.

 Many thanks again

Having tried many products over the years, both supplements and prescribed medication, I have found Phytoforce Mobility and Old faithful to be the most effective products I have used to date. My older dogs are much more active and mobile and with more stamina than on previous supplements or medication.

Ray O’Mahony has been extremely helpful throughout and has given me advice and additional professional help in regards to other health issues with my dogs, reassuring me of his knowledge and products.

Dorothy Walls-Duffin, Grangemead Labradors