Active 8 – An Antioxidant packed superfood formula


Antioxidants are now recognised as the principle mediators of health and longevity. Most commercial dog foods whether dry, tinned or even raw are critically lacking in natural state antioxidants and enzymes. This tonic will be of immense benefit to all dogs but especially any dog in poor condition, recovering from illness, or where liver or kidney support is required. The eight highly active herbs it contains provide trageted antioxident protection to each of the bodies major systems and organs, liver, kidneys, heart, digestion, joints, soft tissues, brain and immune system. The most complete health care formula available to optimise health and longevity.  A tonic for every dog every day.


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Dogs upto 12kgs  give one pump twice daily in food, Dogs from 13kg to 25 kg give 2 pumps twice daily in food and dogs over 25 kgs get 3 pumps twice daily in food.  As with all our tonics improvements are expected within 7-10 days and continue from there. It is usually possible to reduce the amount given by half after the first month. At maintenance levels a 360ml pouch lasts 45 kg dog 2 months or 12 kg dog for 6 months, the 180ml pouch lasts half this time. The unique foil pouch ensures activity is maintained throughout extended periods of use.

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