Mobility – Advanced herbal joint care


Mobility is a potent blend of fresh herbs that promotes the health and function of joints and muscle by warming, lubricating and improving circulation. A purely herbal product, it does not contain glucosamine, chondroitin or MSM. Supporting joint health on a number of levels it is designed as a stand alone product but can be safely incorporated within any joint care programme.
It is safe for use even for dogs experiencing adverse reactions to anti inflammatory drugs or where kidney or liver disease prohibit the use of such drugs.


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Dogs upto 12kgs  give one pump twice daily in food, Dogs from 13kg to 25 kg give 2 pumps twice daily in food and dogs over 25 kgs get 3 pumps twice daily in food. Much larger dogs eg 50kg+ may require 4 pumps twice daily but start them on 3 pumps twice daily for 7 – 10 days only increasing if necessary. As with all our tonics improvements are expected within 7-10 days and continue from there. It is usually possible to reduce the amount given by half after the first month. At maintenance levels a 360ml pouch lasts 45 kg dog 2 months or 12 kg dog for 6 months, the 180ml pouch lasts half this time. The unique foil pouch ensures activity is maintained

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